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FANUC Robot Programming Example : Pick and Place

FANUC Robot Programming Example : Pick and Place

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Simplify Your Robotics Programming With This FANUC Robot Programming Example

Why waste time starting from scratch or using mediocre examples?

Get a fully crafted, ready-to-use example program written in TP language designed specifically for your pick and place applications.

You won't find this kind of example program anywhere else online.


  • Program backup
  • Inputs & Outputs list Excel file
  • I offer a support by e-mail to help you in case you have any difficulties with this program. Use the contact form for fist contact.



    • Optimal programming techniques using best-practices
    • Reduce development time and increase efficiency
    • Obtain a reliable, bug-free, and optimized program


    • 6-Axis robot LR Mate 200iD
    • Controller version: V9.40 - R-30iB Plus
    • Fieldbus: Ethernet/IP
    • Application: Pick and Place
    • Space functions
    • DCS
    • Tool frame
    • User frames
    • Reference positions
    • Background logic
    • TP language
    • Macro
    • User alarms
    • I/O definition
    • UOP
    • Payload

    Options installed

    • Ethernet/IP Adapter (R784)
    • Collision Guard Pack (J684)
    • DCS Pos./Speed check (J597)
    • Internet Conn/Custo (R558)
    • iRDiagnostics (R765)
    • CE Mark (J618)


    1. Pick-up part at Station 1
    2. Pick-up part at Station 2
    3. Release part at Station 3
    4. Release part at Station 4

    This program can be easily modified or extended to adapt to your specific application.


    Advanced Features

    • Fully automatic return to home position (multiple solutions available)
    • PLC handshakes (Mission number, part gripped/released)
    • UOP mapped to PLC I/O to command the robot with the PLC
    •  Work zone for each station (Space functions)
    •  Frame for each station (User Frame)
    •  Safety work zone (DCS)
    •  Seamless mission sequencing with optimized handshakes and smooth transitions. The robot can carry out one mission after another without downtime.
    • Alarm management (PLC, User Alarm)
    • Macros to grip/release part (from PLC or teach pendant user keys)
    • Payload management (with/whitout part)


    Take advantage of this FANUC robot programming example and improve your robotics programming. This program is adaptable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific application requirements. And for your convenience, I've included the complete I/O list Excel file.

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