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Automatic IO List from an ABB Robot Backup (Python scripts)

Automatic IO List from an ABB Robot Backup (Python scripts)

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Generate IO List From An ABB Robot

Save yourself time and trouble with this automated Python script!

It quickly and easily creates an Inputs Outputs List Excel file from an ABB Robot backup, giving you the data you need without the hassle.


How Does It Work ?

In the folder's script, we have 2 folder : "From" and "To".

Put the EIO.cfg file in the "From" folder (EIO file is located in "SYSPAR" folder in the Robot backup).

ABB IO Definition

Execute the script with the .bat file.

Convert EIO to IO Excel File

The "IO_List" Excel file located in "To" folder is filled with all EIO signals.

IO List



You will have access to another script that does the reverse work : IO List to EIO.cfg file.



This procedure has been tested with RobotWare 6.15.03 and Python 3.10.11.

IO declaration slightly differs in RobotWare 5.x. The scripts can be edited to adapt to other RobotWare versions.



To use these scripts, you must install Python 3 on your computer. It is available on Microsoft Store.

You will have to install python packages. Open a cmd prompt and type :

python -m pip install openpyxl.

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