FANUC Alarm Codes Troubleshooting

FANUC Alarm Codes Troubleshooting

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If you encounter an unfamiliar Fanuc alarm code, it's important to diagnose it quickly based on the situation. In this blog post, I will provide you with a list of possible solutions.


Using the Teach Pendant to Display Alarms

Your Fanuc robot comes equipped with built-in help files and documentation accessible right from the teach pendant. The DIAG/HELP button allow you to access this information.

    On the Teach Pendant: Split the screen via SHIFT+DISP. Then press SHIFT+DIAG/HELP to display the active alarm. Next, click on DIAG to access relevant documentation.

    Fanuc Alarm Code Example

    For non-active alarms, navigate to the Alarm Log History screen (Menu > Alarm) then press F3-HIST.

    As you can see in the screenshot, there isn't much information about the alarm. For further details, you must refer to the manuals.


    Find Fanuc Alarm Codes List in Official Manuals

    You can look for Fanuc alarm codes on the Fanuc website :

    You will need to log into your account and find the appropriate manuals : "Controller Software Error Code Manual" or "Operator's manual".

    Unfortunately, this documentation is not available in the integrator key provided with the robots.


    Use a Web-Based Tool to Get Fanuc Alarm Details

    If you want to be efficient and not waste much time searching for the right manual on Google or on the Fanuc website, I highly recommend using this web-based tool :

    Fanuc Alarm Codes List Tool


    With these resources, you'll confidently diagnose Fanuc alarm codes and reduce downtime.

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