ABB Robot IO List Example File

ABB Robot IO List Example File

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In both automation and robotics projects, creating an Excel file to list inputs and outputs is a mandatory step.

That's why I've developed this IO List Example File that will save you valuable time.

With this IO list template, you can effortlessly fill in the list of inputs and outputs, including digital inputs/outputs and group inputs/outputs.

And the best part? With just a simple click, a macro will generate the signal declaration, making it a breeze to load modifications with Robotstudio.

The generated EIO declaration can be effortlessly loaded into Robotstudio, saving you considerable effort and minimizing the chances of errors during the integration process.


Download the ABB Robot IO List Example File

Click HERE to download the IO List Example File.

Feel free to share your feedback or questions with the contact form.

If you need a tool for generating an IO List Excel file from a robot backup, check out my python scripts : Automatic IO List from ABB Robot Backup (Python scripts).



ABB IO List Example Excel File


EIO File


How to Load the EIO Signals with RobotStudio ?

In Robotstudio, connect to the virtual or real controller.

Save the "I/O System" parameters from the robot to EIO.cfg file.

RobotStudio Save Parameters

Open the EIO.cfg file and add the generated EIO signals. Then save the file.

Load parameters from the EIO.cfg file. Then reboot the system. That's it!

RobotStudio Load Parameters



This procedure has been tested with RobotWare 6.15.03.

IO declaration slightly differs in RobotWare 5.x. The Excel macro can be edited to adapt to other RobotWare versions.

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